To junior scientists

Who will help the young scientist?

The Council of Young Scientists (starting now – CYS) of the Institute of Business, Economics and Information Technologies (IBEIT) of the Odessа Polytechnic State University was established to unite the scientific youth of IBEIT, comprehensive assistance to young people in research, development of intellectual potential, academic mobility, implementation professional, creative and other interests of young scientists, their involvement in solving essential problems of socio-economic development of Ukraine and the Odesa region.

CYS promotes the participation of young scientists in scientific events held at IBEIT and beyond, informs about national, international scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables, as well as various scholarships, grants, projects, training to attract young people to participate in them.

CYS’ members are employees of the institute under the age of 35, doctors of sciences under the age of 40, or full-time or part-time graduate students who conduct pedagogical work at the university and actively carry out research work.

CYS actively cooperates with the Department of International Relations of Odessа Polytechnic State University to obtain and disseminate information about scholarship programs abroad.

Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists IBEIT: PhD Economics, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Accounting, Analysis and Auditing Department Bashynska Iryna

tel: (048) 705 84 31,

What do we advise?

…receive a grant or scholarship both in Ukraine and abroad

Contact person: Anastasia Hrytsayenko – Coordinator of International Projects and Programs of Odessa Polytechnic State University.
tel. (048) 705-84-39,

…take part in conferences


…prepare an article for publication

…academic mobility

…take part in a research project

  • Current R&D with payment and free of charge:

“Competitive intelligence in security-oriented management of innovation and investment development of enterprises of strategic importance for the national economy and security of the state” Registration No in the Ministry of Education and Science 0019U002005

Scientific adviser: Zakharchenko V.I., Doctor of Economics, Professor, Department of International Management and Innovation, tel. +38 (048) 705-85-36

  • Projects of young scientists.

Scientific adviser: Bashynska I.O., PhD Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit of International Management and Innovation, tel. +38 (048) 705-84-31

  • Scientific projects, economic contract works.

Scientific adviser: Filyppova S.V., Doctor of Economics, Professor, Director of the Institute of Business, Economics and Information Technologies, tel. +38 (048) 705-84-07

…take part in masterclasses, courses, training

…We remind you of the observance of academic integrity!

More details in the  Regulations on Academic Integrity of Odessa National Polytechnic University